Application Process

  1. How does the application procedure work?

For project, structural, and individual funding, two application rounds are carried out per annum. In order to meet MERCUR’s strategic requirements, each application process is subdivided into two stages (draft application proposal, full application proposal). The deadlines for the draft application proposals are 15/05 and 15/11 of the respective year. In joint consultation with the Rectorates at all three UA Ruhr universities, MERCUR invites applicants whose projects meet most of the funding program’s objectives to file a full application proposal.

  • Preselection criteria

The entire application process – from draft submission deadline to announcement of funding decisions – takes approx. seven months.

Drafts for the start-up funding program may be submitted by the following four deadlines: 15/02, 15/05, 15/08, 15/11. Here, too, two-stage application processes are employed; a draft proposal and CV are to be submitted in the first stage. A shortened process has been introduced for reviewing full application proposals for start-up funding. The expert assessment and decision-making process are generally completed within approx. eight to ten weeks after submission

Applications for the MERCUR.Forum, MERCUR.Admin, MERCUR.Strategie, and MERCUR.Sprint programs have no deadlines and can be submitted at any time.

  1. Which formal requirements are mandatory?

When submitting draft application proposals and full application proposals for project, individual, structural, and start-up funding, please refer to the current Request for

Project Funding Application Guidelines
Structural Funding Application Guidelines
Individual Funding Application Guidelines
Start-up Funding Application Guidelines

If you wish to take advantage of the MERCUR.Forum, MERCUR.Admin, MERCUR.Strategie, or MERCUR.Sprint programs, please consult the detailed description of the respective program before applying. A formal application is not always required.

Individuals who are eligible to apply may submit draft application proposals directly to MERCUR. The draft application form is available for download here.

Project Funding Draft Application

Please complete the required form following out application guidelines and submit it together with the CVs of all applicants by email to the MERCUR office (sven.speek(at)mercur-research(dot)de). All draft application proposals and full application proposals must be submitted by email.

Please see the MERCUR Funding Guidelines for additional information.


– Current Request for Proposal
– Funding Guidelines