Individual Funding

Individual funding aims at strengthening the networking within UA Ruhr on the individual level and at providing new spaces for outstanding researchers to unfold their potential outside their own university.

To this end, MERCUR has created the instrument of UA Ruhr professorships. As hubs of collaboration, UA Ruhr professorships span across at least two universities. They are supposed to be strategically implemented in those areas that raise the overall profile of UA Ruhr universities. Relevant applications can be filed in the case of new appointments or designated successors , as well as for professors who are already employed at one of the UA Ruhr universities, who are recognized researchers and are integrated in a reliable network within the University Alliance.

MERCUR has the means to provide grants ranging between 500,000 and 1 million euros for a period of three to five years in order to fund a UA Ruhr professorship. This grant covers additional equipment.

The application statement must include a structural concept outlining the profile of the future UA Ruhr professorship in education and research as well as its significance for the UA Ruhr’s strategic development in the long term. Here, it is necessary to elaborate in what way the professorship grant is expected to establish sustainable inter-university structures in the respective scientific field.

Application requirement(s):

A UA Ruhr professorship must be incorporated in at least two faculties at different universities, where the respective Chair is awarded member status. At least two universities must benefit from the MERCUR grant. The respective professorship (pay grade: W) and standard equipment must be provided by the universities. In the case of new appointments or designated successors, the application must be submitted before the Request for Proposals for the professorship in question is published.

Application process:

For project, structural, and individual funding, two application rounds are carried out. In order to meet MERCUR’s strategic requirements, each application process is subdivided into two stages (draft application proposal, full application proposal). The deadlines for the draft application proposals are 15/05 and 15/11 of the respective year. In joint consultation with the Rectorates at all three UA Ruhr universities, MERCUR invites applicants whose projects meet most of the funding program’s objectives to file a full application proposal.
For details on the application process, please refer to the application requirements, as well as the current Request for Proposal and our application guidelines.