Planning and implementation of joint projects between the universities’ administrative and managerial departments

Admin addresses technical, administrative, and managerial staff at the UA Ruhr universities, assisting them in their networking endeavors and helping them coordinate their activities and initiate joint projects.

Its administrative and managerial departments contribute significantly to a university’s operational excellence. The departments’ collaboration within the UA Ruhr network constitutes the foundation for the implementation of projects in research and education, as they provide the administrative backbone for such cooperative endeavors. Accordingly, the collaboration between the three universities’ administrative departments is the key to the UA Ruhr’s success. With Admin, MERCUR intends to support exchange and collaboration among these actors.

The program is deliberately inclusive to and does not lay down any specifications with regard to themes, project organization, and duration. Funds amounting to 30,000.00 euros may be granted per project.

Application requirement(s):
The project must be carried out by at least two UA Ruhr universities. The project objective is to establish sustainable long-term collaboration between the project participants.

Application process:

Applications for MERCUR.Admin have no deadlines and may be submitted at any time. Please complete the draft application below and submit it to MERCUR by email. After the application has been submitted and reviewed, you will receive an invitation to an interview with MERCUR. The purpose of the interview is to resolve any questions regarding the application and to address the sustainability aspect. The decision to provide funding is based upon the draft application and interview.