Organizing meetings and workshops at MERCUR

Forum provides the MERCUR conference facilities for members of all three UA Ruhr universities who wish to plan and coordinate joint projects in the areas of research, education, and administration.

In the project planning stage, meetings and workshops are often crucial to coordinate the first steps; they may also be essential while the collaboration project is ongoing, in order to discuss and align objectives and measures that are to be implemented. MERCUR.Forum offers a dedicated room for such purposes to facilitate the ad-hoc, unbureaucratic organization of such meetings. In additions to the meeting room, MERCUR also takes care of catering and provides presentation materials free of charge. Due to the size of the MERCUR meeting room, the number of participants is limited to approx. 18 people. The service is available to UA Ruhr researchers as well as to members of the universities’ technical, administrative, and managerial staff.

Application requirement(s):

The meeting agenda should focus on an existing or planned collaboration in the areas of research, education, administration, or university management. Members of at least two UA Ruhr universities must be involved in the project. If the item on the agenda is a project in the planning stage, a long-term collaboration should be in the pipeline. The service is open to anyone, regardless if the applicant has been receiving any MERCUR funding.

Application process:

If you are planning a meeting in the MERCUR facilities, please contact the MERCUR office by email or phone. When submitting your inquiry in writing, please add a brief outline of the agenda and context of the meeting, the expected number of participants, the date, the scheduled start and end times, the materials you require, and indicate the designated spokesperson. A formal draft application proposal is not required.

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