The MERCUR Funding Programs at a Glance

Members of all three UA Ruhr universities may apply for funds for the following purposes:

collaborative research projects:
Project funding

joint Master’s and PhD programs and collaborative teaching projects:
Structural funding – PhD programs
Structural funding – Master’s degrees
Structural funding – teaching projects

creation of UA Ruhr professorships:
Individual funding

specific and prompt support for small-scale (research) projects:
Start-up funding

joint projects of the universities’ administrative and managerial departments:

strategic coordination between faculties and larger institutions across all three universities:

optimum preparation for the assessment of coordinated joint enterprises:

In addition, the MERCUR conference facilities are available for meetings and workshops:

Please consult the detailed descriptions of individual funding programs (for the programs please click on the links on the left-hand side of the page).

Contact – general
Sven Speek
Program coordinator
Phone: 0201-61 69 65-13
Fax: 0201-61 69 65-10
Email: sven.speek(at)mercur-research(dot)de

Contact MERCUR.Admin and MERCUR.Strategie
Anja Buchholz
Project manager
Phone: 0201-61 69 65-16
Fax: 0201-61 69 65-10
Email: anja.buchholz(at)mercur-research(dot)de

Contact MERCUR.Forum
Isabell Hilpert
Communication manager
Phone: 0201-61 69 65-11
Fax: 0201-61 69 65-10
Email: isabell.hilpert(at)mercur-research(dot)de