Optimum preparation for assessments

With Sprint, MERCUR intends to support high-potential joint enterprises at the UA Ruhr universities.

This new program provides supports with regard to human resources and infrastructure for the implementation of promising joint enterprises. It focuses on initiatives aiming at the establishment of collaborative research centers and Research Training Groups that have already received a request to submit a full application proposal by the German Research Foundation (DFG). MERCUR offers the option of financing workshops, test reviews, and expert interviews, as well as travel expenses for conferences and conventions; it is also possible to apply for personnel costs for process coordination. Moreover, MERCUR provides its conference facilities for preparatory meetings and other consultancy and discussion formats, as well as additional organizational support, if necessary. All these measures are carried out in close consultation with the applicants and in consultation with the research departments of the UA Ruhr universities that file the application.

MERCUR provides 50,000.00 euros per project.

Application requirement(s):

The application must be filed under the umbrella of a coordinated program whose designated spokesperson is member of one of the UA Ruhr universities. The funding program focuses on collaborative research centers and Research Training Group initiatives. For other programs, please inquire at the MERCUR office prior to filing your application. In order to file an application for the respective initiative, an interview with the relevant third-party funds provider (e.g. DFG) must have taken place and a recommendation for a full application proposal must be presented.

Application process:

A formal application is not required for this program. Applications have no deadlines and may be submitted at any time. As soon as you have received a recommendation for a full application proposal from your third-party funds provider, please let us know that you are interested in our program by email or by phone. In the next step, you can email us the draft application that you have handed in to your third-party funds provider as well as written proof of recommendation for full application, if applicable. We will make an appointment with you in good time, for the purpose of defining your requirements for the period prior to commission resp. submission of application. Subsequently, we will together compile a road map outlining the necessary steps and activities.