Planning and implementation of strategic projects in research and education

With its MERCUR.Strategie program, MERCUR enables the faculties and other institutions (e.g. centers, Research Departments and other large entities) to outline and implement their strategic coordination measures in research and education across all three universities.

Faculties and institutions within the UA Ruhr network that are active in related fields may apply for funding for joint development planning and joint strategic processes. This includes, for example, personnel costs for process coordination and non-personnel costs for financing joint workshops/closed faculty meetings, or for hosting third-party experts. The format is deliberately inclusive: the faculties resp. institutions make all decisions regarding the organization of processes and the application for funds. The process and the objectives should be clearly defined and substantiated, and the project should be feasibly successful.

Funds amounting to 30,000 euros may be granted for inter-university strategy building per each application. A funding period is not specified.

Application requirement(s):

The initiative must be carried out by faculties resp. institutions from at least two of the three UA Ruhr universities.

Application process:

Applications for MERCUR.Strategie have no deadlines and may be submitted at any time. In this funding program, a draft application has to be submitted to the MERCUR office. Based on the draft application proposal, MERCUR, in consultation with the respective university, decides if the project meets the criteria of the MERCUR funding program. After the application has been submitted and reviewed, you will receive an invitation to an interview with MERCUR. The purpose of the interview is to resolve any questions regarding the application and to address the sustainability aspect. The decision to provide funding is based upon the draft application and interview.