Project Funding

Project funding enables researchers to render joint research interests applicable for the development of promising inter-university projects. The program focuses on endeavors that have the potential to grow into large-scale collaborative projects (e.g. projects coordinated by DFG, BMBF, or under the umbrella of an EU funding program) resp. that pave the way for such projects. Thanks to MERCUR grants, sustainable working relationships can be built and reliable groundwork can be established.

Typical project duration is between one year and three years. The maximum funding amount does not exceed 360,000 euros (for the entire project).

Application requirement(s):

Projects in this line of funding must be jointly carried out by researchers from at least two UA Ruhr universities. The inclusion of members of all three universities is not strictly necessary, but it is preferable. When selecting the project partners, the project managers should be guided by the locations where expertise pertinent to the respective subject matter can be found. Grants are awarded for both fundamental research and application-oriented endeavors – with the restriction that applied research must be still at the pre-competitive stage. Involving partners from outside UA Ruhr may be permissible on a case-by-case basis, provided it is vital for the successful conclusion of the project. However, external partners are not eligible for MERCUR funding.
Project funding does not encompass grants for clinical studies.

Application process:

For project, structural, and individual funding, two application rounds are carried out. In order to meet MERCUR’s strategic requirements, each application process is subdivided into two stages (draft application proposal, full application proposal). The deadlines for the draft application proposals are 15/05 and 15/11 of the respective year. In joint consultation with the Rectorates at all three UA Ruhr universities, MERCUR invites applicants whose projects meet most of the funding program’s objectives to file a full application proposal.

For details on the application process, please refer to the application requirements, as well as the current Request for Proposal and our application guidelines.

– Current Request for Proposal
– Draft Application Proposal Template
– Application Guidelines
– Funding Guidelines



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Program coordinator
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