Project Implementation

Please note that it takes approx. four to six weeks after your application has been approved before your project can commence.

  1. Funding guidelines

An individual funding agreement between MERCUR and the respective project partner as well as our general funding guidelines constitute the legal basis of each funding scheme. The funding guidelines are available for download here.

  • Funding guidelines
  1. Payment Schedule and Call for Funds

Immediately after the conclusion of the funding agreement, the project manager submits a payment schedule for the entire duration of the project, stating the amount of funds required on specific dates. Amendments to the payment schedule can only be made in conjunction with MERCUR once the project has commenced. A written call for funds is to be submitted no later than four weeks before each payment date agreed in advance of the project. Please note that MERCUR does not transfer funds at its own initiative on the basis of the payment schedule, but only upon receiving a specific written request to do so. Please use the following form for the payment schedule and calls for funds.

  • Payment Schedule
  • Call for Funds
  1. Proof of Appropriation

MERCUR requires regular documentation of the use of funds provided. The frequency at which such funds allocation statements must be furnished depends on the duration of the funded project.

  • For projects of up to 18 months in duration:
    A funds allocation statement for the entire project after its conclusion is sufficient; interim evidence of the allocation of funds is not necessary.
  • For projects of more than 18 months in duration:
    An interim funds allocation statement is to be submitted after a twelve-months funding period, provided the funding will continue for another six months. Overall documentation of the allocation of funds is to be handed in after the termination of the project.

All necessary documentation of the use of funds is to be submitted within two months. Please use the “Interim and Overall Funds Allocation Statement” forms to submit evidence of the allocation of funds and hand in individual allocation statements in the form of bank statements of your third-party funds account resp. the accounts of the applicants participating in the project.

  • Funds Allocation Statement

MERCUR reserves the right to request additional interim statements in addition to the proofs of appropriation listed above and to inspect the records on location.

  1. Compiling Project Reports

Written reports are vital for MERCUR, in order to remain up-to-date with respect to the progress and the outcomes of the funded project. Two types of report are to be handed in for each funded project; in addition, MERCUR may invite the applicant to an interview:

  • Final report:
    After the termination of the funding period, an informative final report is to be submitted, outlining the project phases and the results gathered in the process. Please use the following form:
    Project report
  • Report on follow-up activities:
    MERCUR is deeply committed to the sustainability of its funding activities. This requires a long time horizon for reporting. This is why we request a report on follow-up activities twelve months after the funding period has terminated, including information on follow-up third-party funds and – in case of joint projects – on the continuation of the collaboration activities. Please use the following form for your report:
    Report on follow-up activities
  • Interview:
    After the termination of a funded project, MERCUR may invite the project managers of a project, structural, and individual funding program to provide feedback in person. The objective is to create an exchange platform for the grantees and MERCUR to discuss inter-university networks in the respective discipline, the phases and outcomes of the MERCUR-funded project, the results, follow-up activities, and sustainability of the collaboration. By accepting the grant awarded to them, applicants in the funding programs listed above agree that at least one of the project managers will be available for the interview with MERCUR.

An interim report is required only for funding projects of more than 48 months in duration. The report is to be submitted after 24 months. Please use the project report form for this purpose.

All reports are to be submitted within two months each.

MERCUR reserves the right to request additional information pertaining to the project at any time, to visit the project sites, and to talk to the individuals involved in the project.