University Alliance Ruhr

The UA Ruhr is an alliance between Ruhr University Bochum, TU Dortmund University, and the University of Duisburg-Essen, the three strongest universities in Germany’s thriving Ruhr Area. The Ruhr Area is not only Germany’s largest academic hub, but also an epicenter of innovation that fosters close interaction between academia and the private sector.


And the alliance provides students and researchers from around the world with an open gateway tothe region. Each institution has a strong tradition of breaking down walls between disciplines. The UA Ruhr believes in the benefits of collaboration on all levels of scholarship and research, which is one of the reasons they came together in this unique university alliance.

Some fast facts about the UA Ruhr:

  • The UA Ruhr was founded in 2007 under the label UAMR
  • Around 110,000 students, of which 17,000 are international
  • Nearly 15,000 graduates per year
  • More than 1,000 doctorates awarded per year
  • Close to 1,200 professors
  • Combined annual budget of close to 1.2 billion euros
  • Over 300 million euros of third party funding awarded annually
  • Host of 11 prestigious Collaborative Research Centres of the German Research Foundation (DFG)
  • One collaborative key program: Materials Chain and one cluster of excellence RESOLV
  • Over 600 courses of study
  • Over 1000 partnerships with universities in over 130 countries

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