Influence of hafnium content on the structure and tribo-mechanical properties of CrAlHfN PVD coatings

Transition metal nitrides deposited by PVD technology, especially of Ti and Cr, have become among the most commonly used hard coatings to protect and increase the wear resistance of cutting and forming tools. In this research proposal, CrAlHfN coatings with different Hf contents should be deposited by magnetron sputtering on tool steel. Thereby, Hafnium content is adjusted in the CrAlN structure through the variation of the Hf cathode power. Obtained chemical compositions are evaluated by EDX and depth profiles of the elements are determined by GDOES. Additionally, the stoichiometry of the obtained compounds is evaluated by X-ray phase analysis.
Evaluation of tribo-mechanical properties at room and high temperatures are planned. For instance, hardness at room and 500°C are determined by nanoindentation test, and wear and friction coefficient at room and 800°C are evaluated by means of pin-on-disk test. In order to determine the oxygen diffusion depth into the coatings and to evaluate their oxidation resistance at high temperatures, GDOES analyses are performed after high temperatures exposure, 500 and 800°C.
Finally, the correlation between the hafnium content in the CrAlHfN coatings and their tribo-mechanical performance at high temperature is analysed.


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